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Pedicure Dubai by The Nail Spa

Even in the presence of a busy schedule, one of the most important considerations any woman makes, at least in the personal realm, is well-being. In the cosmetic arena, or in other words, among services that require either hiring a personal caregiver or going to the salon, pedicures are among one of the most sought after services.

The pedicure is a ritual that usually involves the use of mostly natural and sometimes artificial products, meant to cater to the feet and nails. Even though mostly women make use of the service for appearance and hygiene reasons, they can also be done for medical reasons, when conditions affecting the feet are involved; therapy reasons when they are provided in a spa setting, or lifestyle reasons when availed as part of perhaps a day package.

Even though mostly understood as a treatment meant for the feet, pedicures often involve the lower legs as well. In this sense, they include the massaging of the feet, especially the heels, and lower legs, moisturizing, and exfoliating throughout. 

Among the different types and variations, the most common is of course the regular pedicure, which includes dipping the feet in a soothing water solution, exfoliating using a paste with beads or a rough surface item, nail filing, nail trimming, lower leg massage, rubbing on a moisturizer, and perhaps nail paint.

Another very common albeit high end type is the French pedicure dubai by The Nail Spa, which sets itself apart from other types owing to its appearance on the part of celebrities, in movies and TV shows, and general portrayals. It involves much the same cleaning and moisturizing rituals, differing from them in the sense that the standard color combination is a white space on the top of the nails, and a light pink coat at the bottom.

Basics And Types Of Pedicures


The proliferation of a number of places that provide nail services means there is obviously the chance that some use improper or unsanitary practices, or make the mistake of doing the same.

For women who often make use of the service, there are certain precautions that may prove extremely useful.

For one, try to make sure that the trimming is done properly, in line, and using a proper and sharp cutting tool. If done improperly it could cause the nail to become ingrown, as in grow inside the skin itself.

Funguses and germs can transfer from one customer to another if the products and tools being used are not properly cleaned or sterilized.

Ensure the chemicals and products being used are skin-friendly, as in don’t cause reddening or inflammation of the skin.

Alert the beautician to be gentle if you feel the exfoliating process is becoming painful. This is generally a sign that the scrubbing process is being too harsh to your skin, and this can cause for it to become scratched.


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