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For over several years’ tea has been the most popular drink after water! Millions of people around the world every day! In fact, as you read this sentence there will be over 5000 cups consumed! Tea is common all over the word! It is a light flavorsome drink that is consumed in summers and winters both! Tea can be of several flavors and can be with or without milk! Green tea is a type of tea that is good for weight loss and teas go to the extent of prevention of cancer! Produced from dried tea leaves, tea is easily found and most of it is cheap and available everywhere in the world. Tea is in the form of dried leaves that are put in water and then strained, or in the form of tea bags! And every single type is available on our stores

Tea is not only delicious; it has a lot of health benefits as well. Here are a few common that every type of tea does have! Each tea also has its specialty!

So, enjoy you tea and make sure that excessive of anything can be harmful to the body as well! Make sure you know that all these studies are not the base of health and activity; you need plenty of exercise, healthy food and a good lifestyle along with tea to support your healthy lifestyle. Researchers are conducted in labs and the beneficence may vary from person to person!


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