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Nursery in SharjahThere are many nurseries you can find in every part country but it is important to choose your kid’s future wisely. If you are looking for the best nursery in Sharjah then you must consider the Canadian Montessori as the base of your children.

We are welcoming the children from 1.5 years at our nursery in Sharjah. We have organized a different method of teaching your children. We believe that the child can focus on learning if they get affection and care along with playing. Our nursery includes an indoor and the outdoor playing areas to make your kids learn while playing.

From block toys to other learning toys we provide your kids different toys to develop their learning skills.

Our well-qualified teachers also provide your kids with great affection and care while making them learn. This love and affection of our teachers towards your kids are also very beneficial in revealing the hidden talents and the skills of your children.

Our campus is designed and loaded with all the basic facilities for the child along with the large swimming pool to let your kids enjoy and learn swimming.

We have also hired some teachers from the west and the Middle East to let your kids learn new languages including French, English and the Arabic. Our experienced teachers also help the kids in improving the communication skills of the children.

Our different programs for the child’s basic development are as follows:

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