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Germany medicineThe German medical system and heritage has several characteristics states all over the world can take a note of.

Medical entrances for students out of colleges are very competitive, the education itself long and tedious, and the need for specialization and approbation exist to ensure sufficient proficiency in the required areas of study.

Medical Financial System

Doctors in Germany mostly either work in hospitals, or form a private practice, therefore being accountable only to themselves.

For doctors who are salaried, that is, working at a hospital, remuneration is fixed, and comes from the budget of the hospital.

This sum is negotiated annually between hospitals and insurance companies, which cover almost 90% of the population in the country, through their employment status.

People can also chose to drop out of this system to buy insurance for themselves.

For doctors that form their own clinics, there is the flexibility of being able to come to terms with the insurance regarding the budget, setting them apart from professionals who work for hospitals, who do not get a say in this.

Specialization And Licenses

Specialization in Germany medicineEvery aspiring German physician must satisfy a group of three senior doctors, of the required skill in the chosen field to specialize, in order to secure the license and qualify as a doctor.

Some of the areas German doctors in Bahrain specialize in include:

Gastroenterology: It is the field that covers ailments related to the digestive tract of the human body, which covers several organs including from the mouth to the large intestine.

Specialists in this field often have to finish over two years being a fellow in the area, on top of the several years of medical education and residency periods.

The corrective procedures and surgical process includes ultrasounds, biopsies, endoscopy, and colonoscopy.

Cardiology is one of the most widely known areas of medicine, referring of course to the ailments of the heart, and some aspects of the blood circulation system.

Its covers the diagnosis of medical heart conditions, and diseases such as congenital heart conditions, coronary disease, cardiac arrest, and blockages in the heart valves.

The field also covers the surgery of the heart, including procedures like bypasses, and specialists in the field are called cardiac surgeons.

Oncology: The field that covers the prevention and treatment of cancer. The main focus may often be on reducing the rate at which the cancer spreads, and increasing chances of survival.

Early diagnosis is crucial for someone to be able to manage and survive the disease, since most treatments are confined to the early stages.

The second key aspect in the field is prevention awareness, based on promoting abstention from materials that can cause cancer, of which tobacco is considered most dangerous.


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