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Research show that children of young age learn the most through play. The philosophy of Jean Piaget says the playtime for a child meets the PILES needs of the kid. PILES standing for physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social. When a child learns through play they develop cognitively. As further researches show that cognitive intelligence is very important not only for a child but even much later. However nowadays when an adult goes in for a job interview there are often cogitative intelligence tests taken rather than the old IQ tests. This is because cognitive intelligence is considered and though to be very important for any human.

Playing as a way give knowledgeTherefore, a child will learn and even gain knowledge through activities like dramatic, playing, art and games where they interact and play with other children. We at Kids Spot Dubai have early childhood educators who develop course outlines for children allowing them to learn through the PILES methodology. By learning through play an individual child may develop at specific areas of developments, while most children will develop in many areas. The play is monitored and set in such a way at Kids Spot Nursery that your child develops and learns through play. Researchers of early childhood education says that the child’s development is best done through play and certain types of “play” need to be done on a daily basis for educational, development purposes. The key to creating a learning environment is to give the child a safe space, cultural awareness, good child development experts including trained teachers who understand and know about early childhood education. At Kids Spot Nursery Dubai, we exploit each child’s interest so that they all obtain information that is most vital to their individual personality and therefore the most useful for their individual development.

This is based on Maslow’s famous hierarchy of needs that applies to every individual the five important areas of a child development include their physical development, Social development, emotional development, language development and their cognitive skills development.

Skill Development

Skill development for kidsThose skills are future defined as following:

At Kids spot nursery Dubai, we understand these needs of a child and as caretakers and educators. We understand our role in providing your child all these needs that would later in the long run make them develop into high performing adults. The impact of social and cultural experiences creates pathways for the mental process and the development of a child. Therefore a place like Kids Spot Nursery where there are professional educationalist and experienced teachers your child is given the society and culture from where they shall flourish into performing adults.

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