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Yacht rental in DubaiYacht charter comes with a new twist with Seven Yachts. Apart from offering a variety of classic cruise tours and yacht rental in Dubai. After all, if you are out on the water, why not make the most of it by adding a touch of thrill and water sports? You can enjoy all types of water sports such as:

Jet Skiing

Seven Yachts’ jet skis are just as luxurious as the yacht or boat you choose for your cruise trip! With a range of Seadoo’s available, guests can easily request a jet ski if they would enjoy a thrill speed ride on the water. The jet skis will slide you along the water in the most exciting way and make your cruise trip even more memorable!

Paddle Boarding

For the guests who are a little more athletic and enjoy experience the ocean firsthand, paddle boarding is the best option. You can request paddle boarding with your private yacht charter and Seven Yachts will accommodate you easily! Get on the paddle board to receive that thrill of the water if you want to get away from the luxuries and comfort of the cruise ship for a while.

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Fishing has long been a favorite water activity for many and Seven Yachts is proud to offer the best fishing experience alongside your luxury yacht charter. You can get all the fishing resources available on board and also take special fishing trips with your family or friends!

Banana Boat Rides

With every Seven Yachts’ private yacht charter, guests get inflatable banana boats available on board so a small group of people can take a thrill ride on the boats, being carried along in the water by the cruise ship itself. It’s a fun way to be on the water with a few friends or family members!

Other New Water Sports Activities

As more and more water sports activities are innovated, Seven Yachts stays in touch with all of them and keeps introducing new activities for its clients. Recently, Sea Bobs were introduced and the activity soon became a favorite for many as they got to experience a luxury yacht charter as well as water speeding and submerging into the ocean for a thrill!



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