Welcome to the official website of Zarina Cognasia, a personal trainer, specialized in multiple techniques and directions of fitness. Zarina is proud to be sharing her most valuable sport achievements:

  • International category fitness and bodybuilding trainer according to the World Fitness Federation version;
  • Awardee of the World Fitness Championship according to the World Fitness Federation version 2007;
  • Master of acrobatic sports;
  • Trainer of classic aerobics, step-aerobics, strength sports, pilates and athletic stretch;
  • Prenatal and postnatal fitness programs development;
  • Fitness competitions preparation, management and coordination;
  • Voluntary programs development for dancing and fitness events;
  • Dance routine arrangement.

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At present Zarina conducts personal training sessions in gyms of her own or customer selection. Training can be also performed for small groups.

Zarina - personal trainer

"I really enjoy doing my work and set a high value on customers’ experience and result. The key component of my approach as a trainer is individuality. I believe that a training program should be based not only on personal preferences of a client but also on physical condition, age, character, taking into account medical restrictions or prescriptions. My individual training programs pursue various aims: weight loss, muscle gain, posture correction, flexibility improvement, cardiac activity, joint exercise or an overall muscular tone support. I am looking forward to our productive and enjoyable cooperation!"

Sincerely yours, Zarina.


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