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Pregnancy is probably the most exciting, pleasant and joyful period for every woman. Certainly, future mothers want and should keep fit. It is definitely advisable to go in for sports during pregnancy in case it’s not restricted by a doctor. Zarina’s maternity programs vary depending on heath condition, physical skills and a pregnancy stage. They allow women to feel comfortably during the whole pregnancy term and get steadily ready for labor. Such fitness plans are great solution for those women, who have actively exercised before pregnancy and desire to keep the achieved results. In this case, fitness program should be adjusted to woman’s regular workout plan in order to comply with basic pregnancy directions.

There are a few targets, pursued by Zarina’s maternity fitness classes:

Maternity Training

Another essential concern for mothers is coming back to shape after labor and general muscular tone support. Under Zarina’s direction it is possible to find the most convenient way to kick into gear. Individually developed maternity program can be performed not only at a gym, but also at home and even a maternity clinic. Simple and pleasant sports activity is a perfect way to feel good during pregnancy and enjoy the most wonderful time in every woman’s life!


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