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PilatesPilates is a fitness direction, aimed at reconstruction of natural inflexion of spinal cord. Pilates practice is developed for trainees, who face a number of body related problems, such as spinal deformation, muscular clamp and breathing deficiency. Such everyday discomfort eventually leads to chronic habits related to movement and posture. Pilates exercising develops natural, normal muscular activity, which has been forgotten during several hours at an office desk and in a car. Pilates principles are based on muscular balance retrieval, anatomical comfort improvement and motor apparatus correction. Another advantage of pilates exercising is its rehabilitation function, determined by methods’ generalness. Despite absence of contra-indications for pilates practitioners, it is advisable to do pilates under the direction of a professional trainer.

Zarina invites beginners and advanced pilates trainees for a consultation and detailed development of the most suitable workout program. A special breathing technique, called costal respiration, will be paid careful attention in order to stabilize and improve an everyday life quality. As a rule, gym workouts are isolatedly focused on certain muscular groups, and so pilates exercising is widely used by Zarina as a supplementation for gym or stretching activity. Daily independent practice of basic pilates elements will also make an efficient impact on trainee’s physical and health advancement. At this point, pilates can be considered as the key component of complex training approach.


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