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Stretching is an essential part of physical development, which includes an exercise series for muscular flexibility improvement. Zarina’s training programs imply stretching as a supplementation to basic gym sessions and as an independent fitness practice. Another stretching directions are: advancement of joints mobility, muscular tone improvement and posture correction. Athletic stretching is a unique solution for trainees, who prefer static physical loads. Regular stretching activity aids muscular relaxation, stress relief and even insomnia release.

Advanced stretching level is indicated for experienced body builders. A short stretching session after an energetic workout allows to release muscular strain or discomfort. It is widely known that stretching stimulates muscle gain and their steady growth through its tissue regeneration affect.

Stretching lessons in Dubai

Zarina stretching classes are created for various categories of trainees and targets: stress relief after a long work day, addition to sufficient exercising, or deeper stretching activity. The most important aspects of stretching are regularity and patience, as such action is related to the most sensitive fitness fields.

Even though stretching is a comparatively composed sport kind, it may become traumatic without an accurate supervision. Trainer’s experience allows to identify maximum effort for a trainee and apply it accordingly to physical specifics and skills. Zarina will be glad to offer a modern and efficient stretching program for trainees’ enjoyable and productive experience.


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