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“Being a little bit experienced in individual training, I would like to say that Zarina is one of the most responsible trainers I have ever met. I am glad to be trained by such a goal-oriented professional, who takes total care of planning, coordination and correction of a whole fitness program. The fitness direction of mine is gym workout, I have been practicing it for over a year and enjoying every session with Zarina due to her creative and friendly customer approach.”



“I am very grateful to Zarina for her care and attention. It has always been difficult for me to go for energetic cardio exercising because of the heart rate irregularity. I was offered a diversified interesting fitness program, including stretching, minor cardiac exercising, yoga elements and pilates. I am never worried about having a bad heart reaction during the process because I trust Zarina as a professional trainer. In my case muscular tone was not a priority, I wanted to become more healthy and could see the positive results after only couple months of training! Thank you, Zarina!”



“I enjoy to do sports with Zarina, I like her friendly treatment and professional support. I am difficult to motivate, but Zarina makes exercising fun and easy going. I applied for dancing sort of fitness and was totally satisfied with numerous elements, programs and dance directions. I am never bored at Zarina’s class, which makes me come back every few days. I like keeping fit in a pleasant way, thank you, Zarina for your unforgettable classes!”



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