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As your parents start growing old you will notice that they have not only become weak but they demand more care, love and affection from you or anyone who is taking care of them. Although in these fast times of technology where we seldom find times for ourselves, getting time for parents and taking care of them can be extremely difficult.

Here are some of the ways to take care of your elderly parents

Be in touch

Be in touchNo matter how busy and hectic life you are living, you need to be in touch with your parents. Make sure that you see them before going to work in the morning and while coming back, spend some quality time with them. Ask them how was their day? Anything they need? And things like this.

Make your presence felt

In the night time or at day, make your presence felt. Call them in the day while you are in your office. Turn off the lights of their room and sit with them for a while. Make sure you buy and provide all the necessities needed by them.

Hire a nurse or attendant

If you live in another city or faraway from your parents and cannot be with them what you can do is to hire a nurse or attendant for them who’s responsibility is to take care of them. These attendants are not only professional and knowledgeable but they also become much needed companions to your parents.

Hire a nurse or attendant

Make sure they have healthy diet

You need to take keen interest in their eating habits and diet. What they like to eat, what have they eaten and most importantly what is beneficial and healthy for them. Make sure that your parents are fed with a well balanced diet that is prescribed by their physician.

Emotional needs

At a time when they are unable to move freely and do their chores by themselves, they demand extra care, emotional support and your time. Centers of older care in abudhabi ensure that old people are always heard, and they are given due importance. At the twilight of their career, they need someone to value them and listen to them.


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