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Everything but the price should matter when you’re looking for the best medical clinic or plastic surgery clinic Dubai. Advancements in health and science have reached new standards of excellence. So, don’t make any compromises when searching for top-of-the-line medical treatments.

With numerous facilities to choose from, it’s hard to make a decision. Here is a guide to help you get started in the right direction.

  1. Experienced StaffMedical clinic in Dubai

    There are different types of healthcare professionals. With a little due diligence, you can find a professional with the specialty required for your condition. You want to solve the problem, not add to it. Every member of the institution with whom you interact matters, from the receptionist to the nurse, and of course, the physician. They should all contribute to making your experience at the clinic as comfortable and helpful as possible.

  2. Hospitality

    Patients prefer to talk to people who are willing to listen and understand their symptoms and problems. If the front office staff is cold and rushed on the phone, you can expect a similar experience at the doctor. It’s not always true, but typically it’s the doctors that set the tone of the clinic.

  3. Find the right specialist

    It’s okay to go to a general practitioner if you have the flu, but for a specific condition, search for the best specialist. The simplest way to find one is through an online search. Read the ratings and reviews to get an idea of what previous patients have to say. You can also find out where the doctor specialized and other clinics where he practices. And while you’re at it, check to see if your insurance covers a particular medical facility.

  4. Gender

    The most frequent request comes from women who prefer to go to a female Ob/Gyn. Here in the Middle East, it’s relatively common for patients to visit doctors of the same gender.Dubai London Clinic

  5. Language

    There are quite a number of foreigners residing in Dubai. When the doctor and patient are from the same country, they’re able to communicate freely. This is essential for effective diagnosis and treatment.

  6. Hygiene

    Though this is an obvious point, it’s a crucial factor to keep in mind and shouldn’t be overlooked. Small indicators of the level of sanitation include a clean floor, brightly painted walls, conveniently located trash cans, wall mounted hand sanitizers, a distinct disinfectant smell, the availability and use of disposable gloves, etc. If you get any inkling that the clinic is cutting corners, it’s not worth your health to get treatment from there.

  7. Variety of specialists

    A well-established clinic will house a number of doctors to treat the same disease. For instance, there should be 2-3 doctors available at different times in order to provide services to patients at intervals throughout the day. Similarly, there should be several specialists for various diseases.

  8. Location

    Interestingly enough, even in a small city like Dubai, people prefer to find a clinic as close to home as possible. But in the event that special care is required for a medical condition, distance shouldn’t matter.



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