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Dubai is a land to the sportsmen and actors who want to stay fit and for this reason they prefer seeking for extraordinary sports physio experts in Dubai. Be it a minor ankle twist or a major internal injury, we at SHP Dubai will provide you a complete care and will not stop the therapy till you’re able to perform without any pain. Many of us have pursued an international level post graduate in orthopedic education from various institutions all around the world. Be it intramuscular stimulation, balance issues, dizziness, acupuncture, orthotic prescription or hand therapy, we have done expertise in all practical areas.

Injury or pain is usually considered as a symptom of an issue somewhere in the body; a subtle physio expert will perceive the root cause of the pain and will ensure an absolute cure to alleviate it. Physio is a practice with the help of which you are able to get back on your feet with the relief from pain but traditional physio doesn’t always deliver what it should’ve.

Getting injured during sports is one is the worst possible things to ever happen. Even after a treatment and/or surgery on-going niggles just won’t go away. A five step approach is all it takes for you to feel the awesomeness in your muscles again;

•             No one really knows the symptoms better than the one suffering and for that reason a good physio expert will listen to everything you want to say, literal everything with certain questions like ‘Does it hurt when you move it?’, ‘Does it pain if you do this?’ Each information is essential for the expert to ease pain.

•             A good physio should prescribe a couple of tests that will able to judge every bit of the root cause and repeat the tests in every sitting to see whether the internal stuff is doing fine.

•             In order to get the patient fully understand, plain and easy English must be used and the patient should also speak easy English to tell every symptom with ease.

•             Electrotherapy, acupuncture, stretching, manipulations or a simple massage should be done with the physio expert with all the skills in order to minimize the problem. A Physio should do anything and everything to get the patient moving painlessly.

•             A set of prescribed exercises will do just the thing for the patient by making the patient rehabilitate in accordance with the pain he possess.

We at SHP Dubai provide you a huge range of advices, guides and therapies in accordance with sports’ injuries along with a variety of injury products rehab equipment and physio supplies. Our basic goal is to retain your lost quality of life keeping you healthier and fit. We can also prevent you to injure yourself while playing your favorite sport by providing you with appropriate guide and easy to access products for frequent treatment. We are sincere to your health and we guarantee your speedy recovery. You don’t need to worry for the pain relief anymore, just stay in the game and plan to win it!



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