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Padel tennisPadel is considered an intergenerational game. Hence, children, parents, and grandparents can play Padel that is not as intense as Tennis or Squash. Other reasons for learning how to play Padel are as follows:

Padel game always requires at least 4 players in two teams. The court (smaller than 1/3 size of the tennis court) is enclosed with walls. All the four players come close to each other conversing and socializing.

Padel games keep players in good physical and mental health. Padel played regularly reduces the mortality rate by 47% and risk of heart ailments by 56%. Also, it enhances agility, balance, coordination, speed, and strength.

Padel coaches train well. Within 20 minutes, new players can learn know-how to play Padel and start playing the game. While playing, the new player is always with another team member who shares special techniques. Padel is not complicated as Tennis and its techniques.

How is it like?

Playing padel tennisPadel game comprises of two teams of two players in each team. The teams play as opposition teams. They have to play in an enclosed court surrounded by wall used in the game. The court is divided in the middle with a net.

Padel players use special Padel racquet and Padel balls. Padel racquet has a face of 26 cm x 29 cm and length of 45 cm. Also, Padel racquet has perforated surface made of composite materials. Padel balls resemble Tennis balls but, these have less pressure.

Before a match, a coin is tossed to determine which team would serve first. The served ball is treated as an underarm. Similar to Tennis, the serving ball has to go diagonally to the opposite court.

Both teams have to score more points than opponents. The opposition team wins under certain conditions including ball bouncing twice, ball striking any player, the ball hitting wire fencing/fixture before reaching over the net. Every match has 3 sets of the match and each set has 6 games. Padel match winner has to win two out of three sets.


You can get a Padel lesson in Dubai at any age in your life. The game promises you to be physically and mentally healthy. While in Dubai, learn Padel sport from a dedicated coach. It does not take long to learn and play the most popular Pedal game.

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