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Best Eye Specialist

Whatever you do in life, your health should be an important priority. More importantly is your eyesight. If you are looking to see a doctor regarding your eye care, you need to make sure you select the right specialists. Below are some tips to guide you when choosing the best eye specialist in Dubai.

First, understand the type of eye doctor you want

There are basically two main types of eye specialists. There are ophthalmologists and optometrists. The first group normally carries out eye surgery procedures and treats different types of diseases of the eyes. On the other hand, the second group does not perform surgery on their patients. They prescribe medications and treat certain types of eye diseases. So, you can say the ophthalmologists are more advanced in their knowledge and expertise.

Which specialist is more ideal for you?

If you are just considering a general eye checkup, either of the two types of specialists will be enough. An optometrist will also help you when you eye care needs are basic ones such as fixing contact lenses and glasses. But someone with a specific problem in the eye should consider meeting an ophthalmologist.

How often are they available?

QuirónsaludThe availability of the specialist is something you have to consider. Do they have both morning and evening opening hours? How about weekends? You may be a busy person or your job does not give you time at certain periods of the day. You need to consider a specialist that will be available during your free time.

Also, you need to know their availability periods in case you have an emergency. Most specialists normally have morning appointments. It’s quite unusual to see doctors who have evening appointments. Settle for a flexible eye doctor that can accommodate you into their schedule on urgent matters.

Look for experience

In everything in life experience is very important. And when it comes to delicate issues like the eyes one cannot emphasize enough, the need for experience. Make sure the eye specialist has been operating for some years. They should have the necessary certificate and have been in the industry for many years. The eyes are complicated parts of the body that many do not understand their composition. You need an experienced specialist who will tackle your problem head-on without complications.

If you are looking for a good eye care specialist, Quirónsalud Dubai is a perfect ophthalmology center where you can get the best eye treatment.


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