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Warm-up is a necessary procedure before you start the workout. Warm-up helps to warm muscles up and protects from traumas and strains. Only 10 minutes of warm-up and your exercises would become more effective and the process of work out itself - easier. By warming up your muscles before training you release tension from your muscles, make them and bands more elastic and therefore rise temperature of your body on several degrees.

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For efficient warm-up you can use exercises like running on the spot, twisting of the body and head, circular legs and hands swing, side bends, back-forward bends, squats, push-ups, lunging. 

Warmed up muscles and joints are more flexible and elastic and this reduces the risk of trauma. Blood springs to warmed up muscles and oxygen together with nutrients go with it, thus increases your endurance. To get enough nutrients you need a proper diet also, best nutritionist in Dubai from SHP Dubai will help with it.  As a result, you would become tired later. Due to warm-up, the load on your heart would increase gradually, which is far more better than if you'd start with hard exercises.

After warm-up you need to do stretching, that would make your body more flexible and decrease the risk of injuries of bends and joints. Stretching makes bends and joints elastic and flexible and moreover, helps to relax by mind and body. Your body awakens and gets ready for further loads. After training, stretching is necessary in order to release tension in muscles. 

For efficient stretching you may use the following exercises: 

Don’t put a lot of effort while stretching. Remember, that stretching has to be painless. Also, don’t forget to breathe deeply, it helps to relax.


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